Potential Collaboration: GNU Health?

Hi all. In an email today from Richard Stallman, he encouraged us to look for potential collaborations with GNU Health.

Looking at the map at http://health.gnu.org/services.html I know they definitely cover parts of the world that OpenMRS (and I think also OpenEMR) have not yet really explored.

However, I’m not fully familiar with their tech stack, although I do know they have an embedded FHIR/REST server. I know traditionally they have more been focused on primary care, and looking at http://hg.savannah.gnu.org/hgweb/health/ it seems that Dr. Luis is doing most of the coding these days.

Would anyone be interested & able to start a discussion with Luis? It could be very interesting, but I personally just don’t know how feasible/practical such collaboration would be. Would really like to find out, though.

Python and Postgres and a bunch of XML and shell scripts so far. Really old style dev and web sites, worse than open-emr.org… looks like a local client app, but not sure. The first steps guide does not tell you how to launch the app.

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I’m not even sure how we could collaborate – our stacks are totally different…

I don’t think we need to be on the same technology stack to collaborate. That is the idea of FHIR, SMART or even OWA for that matter. We all agree to a common API and then build tools that can be shared and used. Web interoperability through a loosely coupled architecture has served us very well, as can be seen from the scale of the internet. I don’t see any reason why it couldn’t work in healthcare, if only ppl weren’t so adamant on guarding territories.

I do want to add that collaboration takes a lot of effort… the GNU Health codebase seems quite basic for what it can do. If that project wants to build on a common API, with minimal overheads of collaboration, why not?

I was in no way saying not to do it – I like the collaboration and the joining of forces of the OpenEMR team coming onboard – if we get the GNU Health team, that’s just gravy!

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@judywawira would you be willing to contact Dr. Luis to chat when you’re back from SIIM? I think you two probably have some ideals in common. :slight_smile: