Portal and Meaningful Use Discussion

(Terry Hill) #21

There is something amiss :sunglasses: I do not know what version the nhanes site is on . I will have to see if @r0bby can tell me.

(Terry Hill) #22

Could some one who has access to the servers check and see what version of portal is on that system. @tony @yehster @aethelwulffe

(Robby O'Connor) #23

Whatever the main bleeding edge demo is – I’ll set up CI soonish – my plate is starting to get a bit too full :frowning:

(Tony McCormick) #24

Does the portal code have versioning that is separate? How would I “check which version”?

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(Robby O'Connor) #25

Based on what I can see – no – it seems to be just part of the code.

(Terry Hill) #26

Is it in the patient_portal directory?

Is there a directory called account?

(Tony McCormick) #27

It’s behind a database version from master

there is a patient_portal dir at the root level

and account below that.

(Tony McCormick) #28

There are things in that git repo (master on ehr demo) that have been modified and staged. That should never be the case.

modified:   composer.lock
modified:   library/vendor/autoload.php
modified:   library/vendor/composer/ClassLoader.php
modified:   library/vendor/composer/autoload_real.php

There are also some things that appear to have been touched that would not normally be touched by using the system from the web browser.


(Bob Hoyt) #29

@teryhill screenshot of the popup


(Terry Hill) #30

@rhoyt ok but when I go to nhanes.librehealth.io i do not get the nhanes site. It looks like the sites are crossed up . What login do you use for nhanes?

(Bob Hoyt) #31


You must be correct because there is the URL I copied to find the patient I created and it doesn’t begin with nhanes.librehealth


(Terry Hill) #32

What is the login that you use for Nhanes?

(Bob Hoyt) #33


I believe it is admin, then password = password for both EHR log in sites

(Terry Hill) #34

The web address. https;//

(Robby O'Connor) #35

NHANES is simply a LibreEHR site and I have a rewrite rule forwarding nhanes.librehealth.io to the ehr site for NHANES.

(Terry Hill) #36

No I don’t think so image

(Terry Hill) #37

:point_up: Did you see this @r0bby

(Robby O'Connor) #38

Something is weird…that shouldn’t happen… you should have been had a rewrite happen…

(Robby O'Connor) #39

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