Outreachy Chat channel on Twitter

Good morning. Today I’ll be joining Outreachy on the Twitter chat to discuss LibreHealth and its Outreachy programs.

The next #OutreachyChat will be on Monday, March 4, 2019 at 4pm UTC / 8am PDT / 11pm EDT / 5pm CET / 9:30pm IST.

These are the Q&A I’ve prepared for:

Q2: For alums and mentors: Please introduce yourself. What community (did you intern with/are you mentoring for)? #OutreachyChat

A2: My Outreachy name is Koni Kodes. I began as the Spring 2018 Intern with LibreHealth and I am a mentor in my second round with LibreHealth. #OutreachyChat #LibreHealthIO

Q3: For alums and mentors: What do you love about participating in Outreachy? #OutreachyChat

A3: The Outreachy program accepted me as a self-paced student - Other internships require formal university enrollment. Outreachy had a project that needed the skills I use, and promised to teach me more. Great mentors and the other interns from around the world helped me enjoy a great experience. Our new round has already introduced me to some interesting personalities that I would like to know better. #freeCodeCamp.org #OutreachyChat #LibreHealthIO

Q4: For mentors: What is the project you are mentoring? What skills do people need to apply? What skills can they learn from you? #OutreachyChat

A4 (Mentors): LibreHealth has two different projects, each with different platforms and aimed at different audiences. I am co-mentor on both projects.

Both projects require strong American English Grammar, attention to details and a desire to learn:

1a) Create Technical Manuals so the Toolkit and Radiology software can be easily downloaded.

1b) Download Docker and work with the Toolkit software engine following the GitLab documentation.

1c) Prepare the documentation for Sphinx

1d) Interns will become familiar with or expand skills with Docker, Apache, Tomcat, the CLI, GitLab, Sphinx and Technical Documentation with focus on the Technician.

2a) Find bugs in the EHR System and provide Issue Reports to our devs

2b) Work with devs to track the issues and learn to fix them at the source

2c) Prepare and code new forms and screens to be added in the Git Repo

2d) Create documentation for the new forms and screens

2e) Interns will become familiar with or expand skills with JavaScript, PHP, Databases, wiki and Technical Documentation with focus on the User. #OutreachyChat #LibreHealthIO

Q4: For alums: What community did you intern with? What was your project? What did you learn during the internship? #OutreachyChat

A4 (Alum): I was the 2018 EHR Documentation Intern for LibreHealth. I had the greatest mentors! I learned different styles of documentation. My writing style is conversational yet detailed information. I can now also create the boring yet important Do the Steps by the Numbers technical style manuals. My screenshots have improved as I learned to focus on the reader and where the attention should be. I have learned to work with Wikipedia and the wiki Markdown language. Also very important – I’ve learned to be patient when working remotely and to be transparent in my communication with the FOSS community.

Q5: For alums and mentors: What is the Outreachy application process like? Do you have advice for applicants on how to stand out? #OutreachyChat

A5: The application process can be confusing at first glance. If you are an online or self-paced student, I believe there is a section that addresses it - so use that area. Be sure that you will be available for the total time commitment needed. Answer the questions honestly.

• Once you are eligible and find the project you want, read everything on the project landing page. Follow all links to get useful information. Some mentors do not appreciate repeating directions.

• Once you are in the chat room or forum, introduce yourself. Read any pinned messages and attached files – Important info is there.

• Pay special attention to what the mentors are saying – especially to the other candidates. It will help you form a better idea of what is expected.

• Please remember that your mentors are volunteers: Be patient while waiting for answers. We are in different time zones all over the world. Sometimes local holidays get in the way – and please respect our weekends.

Submit your contributions and wait until we return. This is the perfect opportunity to get ahead of your competition by researching for more info to use in your project.

• Be friendly, helpful, personable and professional.

• Make certain that your Application and one contribution is on the Outreachy site before the deadline. Do not wait until the last minute only to have a storm blow out your internet or anything else happen to destroy your chance. Apply Early!

This was my first - I’m glad I was there. A lot of good questions were asked and answered. Great to see a couple of familiar faces!