Outreachy 2019 Mid-year student blogs

All accepted Outreachy students are required to post at least one blog entry every week during Outreachy. Start now so you get in the habit of writing a post every two weeks!

You don’t have to create a new blog for Outreachy; it’s even better to use an existing one, if you have something appropriate already. You can use any traditional blog service that you wish, or you can host your own. I strongly encourage you to create a category or tag for your LibreHealth posts. Just make sure it has an RSS feed available that can show your LibreHealth/Outreachy posts.

Some free-of-charge ideas for blogging platforms, if you don’t have one yet:

  • Wordpress (open source/PHP, self-hosted or hosted)
  • Ghost (open source/Node.js, self-hosted or hosted)
  • Blogger (proprietary/hosted)
  • Medium (proprietary/hosted)
  • Jekyll (open source/Ruby, self-hosted or GitHub hosted)
  • Hugo (open source/Go, self-hosted or Github hosted)
  • Hexo (open source/Node.js, self-hosted or GitHub hosted)

Please reply to this thread with your blog URL. This task is due by the end of day on Friday, 31 May 2019.

I thought it was due every two weeks for Outreachy.

GSOC was weekly, wasn’t it?

I hear that Ghost is a good platform but I haven’t tried it yet.

Can’t hurt to do every week :slight_smile:

Maybe. A couple of those blogs I wrote were tough to do. Especially when I was hitting a roadblock. Trying to be diplomatic when I was frustrated was not easy.

I have made it every two weeks. GSoC will remain weekly.

What I would like however is a weekly update on the project thread (in addition to the blog).

Thank you. I agree. I’ll mention in the chat and send them here.

Since Outreachy start date is May 20, first blog due date is Friday, May 31.

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I’ve read in the Outreachy letter that it’s not recommended to use Medium because of it’s payed features. So I created a new blog: https://olena23.dreamwidth.org/ for the program but I plan to copy all posts to my Medium blog: https://medium.com/@olena_stoliarova

You’re live on https://planet.librehealth.io @Olena23

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Hi Robby here is my blog url https://ngaieliabeth.wordpress.com/

Soon as I figure out why our config update is failing – yours will be live on https://planet.librehealth.io