Outreachy 2019 End Year Internship Selection

Hi Folks- We’ve gathered and scored all the work submitted for this Outreachy cycle, and have determined our top 3 candidates. At the moment we only have funding for 1, but @r0bby is working on one more funding source so fingers crossed we’ll get 2. Details to follow at the 26 announcement of the successful candidate(s). Best- HT


Thank you @htuck And thank you to our EHR mentors who stepped up to help - @muarachmann @elizabeth @virginia.balseiro

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Truth be told, Toni, YOU’re the one who ran this cycle; I just poked a stick in here and there on the side. All praise to KoniKodes!

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:blush: I was in and out …

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You took a couple days off here and there…but you ran it. You throw the reminders out before I even have a chance to do it…so as far as I’m concerned…I’ve stepped back and largely just overseeing things.

Thank you. I appreciate that.

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Nothing you’ve been doing has gone unnoticed and I can probably speak for everyone, but for now I’ll just speak for myself that I appreciate your work.