Other project MI2 has done and offers

I have several projects currently hosted on my misquared github. I would be happy to let LibreHealth take them if that is of interest.

  1. Volunteer Enrollment Responsive Web Appl - created originally to help manage volunteers enrollment for a large pop-up health care event for the poor. It is largely Laravel and React JS
  2. Web RTC Video Conferencing API - donated by a customer of mine for use in integration with the EHR
  3. Portable Medical Data Entry Application - and old but possibly still useful Java SWING app this is highly configurable and very lightweight.

Will look at them , but the resources (man power) to implement would be the main bottle neck. Remember there are 3 who contribute on a full time basics and they will be mentoring the students, who I hope will double our manpower resource pool in the future.

This is for the entire LibreHealth team, not the EHR team. Overall just stuff I have that someone might be interested in as some point.

I have no issue with it. So you got my vote.

@downey, @sunbiz, @judywawira?

I have no issues either, but we should have better documentation. Along with that, we should also see which project it fits best with, and if it doesn’t fit at the moment, we need to think which project it fits with. Or else it won’t be maintained and won’t make much sense to put it under the banner.

Presumbly, I would assume the EHR team would take ownership. Also these should also be mirrored on Gitlab, as our github isn’t the canonical source – EHR really should move over to GitLab soon :stuck_out_tongue:

While I am still not very enamored of Gitlab, there is no reason why repos for these (at least until they are salvaged, adapted, used, integrated, whatever) should not be on GitLab as cannon. That said, I think that the first item listed is one of those web app thingies that very much sound like something that should touch the toolkit. The second one seems to be something everyone needs (there any telehealth stuff in the toolkit?). The third also sounds like a web UI piece that the toolkit should at least look at. Without documentation, it is really hard to review. Some screenshots of each would help evaluate too.

My statement was based on them being developed for use with OpenEMR…

Yes, some of it, but some of it sounded more like potential reusable web components…but yeah, the EHR folks have to admin them until someone claims them…

Agree with @aethelwulffe here. None of these were developed specifically for integration with OpenEMR or LibreHealth EHR. All of them have the potential of integration with our “stuff” but mostly presented as material for ideas and salvage.

The Volunteer Portal is entirely stand alone. It needs to be backed off of it’s intended use, but is a good example of a Responsive website using React and PHP/Laravel

The WebRTC is just a block of stand alone code. It could be integrated into anything.

MEDIC was written (originally) to import/export to OpenEMR, but I have used it for standalone Health Data as well as just creating an data collection tool for field use unrelated to health care. It runs on a thumb drive comfortably.

@tony Looks like maybe we could use some sort of contribs repo…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Was this all handled? LibreHealth is willing to host any repository which is related to the work of the projects under its umbrella.

We have a contribs repo. -It is rare that anyone takes a look at it, but it exists!

Feel free to toss any stuff there :smile: I’m going to close this topic then.

If this is not fully resolved, feel free to open a new topic :slight_smile: