OSEHRA Community Strategy Meeting

Should we get involved here? I have talked to Dr Mun about LibreHealth having a presence in the OSEHRA community (after we got all formed up…) –tony

As announced last Thursday, OSEHRA is chartering a new work group to capture the community’s future strategy and provide a clear recommendation for the future of healthcare IT (both inside and outside VA).

OSHERA and Work Group Sponsor DSS invite you to join this effort and share your vision and suggestions. The first call of this new work group will be held at 1100 EST on Thursday, January 12. Participation is encouraged from the entire community – you do not have to be a member of OSEHRA to join the calls. We envision that this work group will meet weekly for 4-6 weeks and create a short briefing on the community vision that will be available for public use.

To join the call, please go to:


Audio dial-in information will be provided by WebEx after login. We are asking everyone to use the full web login so that we can capture the attendee list accurately, and to ensure that everyone can see any slides or other visuals.

We hope to hear you on the call!