Orthanc DICOM Server

orthanc-server.com is the project I am talking about here. This is a mini PACS/DICOM server written in C++ with a nifty Wt interface, Restful API and all that. I would like to be able to enable some clean and complete integration with LibreEHR. Does the LibreHealth package have something going for a DICOM server at the moment?

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@judywawira This is in your ball park. I also am interested in this for the project in Ireland and India that I discussed with you.


Didn’t know anyone else was thinking about Orthanc (or any others). I have set it up a couple of times, and it was almost effortless. I have never touched the API, but the code smells real nice.

I downloaded it a while back and put it on my wish list to do

I just installed it today. If Tony figured out that outside URL call in the menu tabs, then we can already look at it in LibreEHR. It is freaky fast.

I love orthanc the problem (last time I checked ) it wasn’t well integrated with the DICOM workflow supporting modality worklists which are crucial for any radiology workflow

The work I am doing is integrated with dcm4chee


So is the preferred application to run everything under JBOSS?

Back to Orthanc, the DICOM modality worklist features were incorporated last year: http://www.orthanc-server.com/static.php?page=blog

Of course, that is hardly a large matter if you already have a mass of work put into DCM4CHEE.

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I see DCM4CHEE has V2 and V3 HL7, as well as fhir.
There seem to be no open issues with the modality worklist /MWL SCP with Orthanc. It looks like that was their last big hurdle. There is a backlog on adding TLS security to DICOM. First stable release of ORTHANC was just last December though. Seems like good activity since then. All the same, I am curious as to who owns what with the “Orthanc Pro” version.

Hi, I’m the author of Orthanc. There is now a FAQ entry in the Orthanc Book that provides more information about the support of modality worklists: https://orthanc.chu.ulg.ac.be/book/faq/worklist.html

Just a few comments to Art’s last post:

There is a backlog on adding TLS security to DICOM: I am not aware of any hospital that actually uses DICOM TLS inside their infrastructure. In practice, they prefer to fine-tune their firewall configuration to ensure security. This is due to a lack of support of TLS by most DICOM modalities. However, the REST API of Orthanc can already be protected through HTTPS: https://orthanc.chu.ulg.ac.be/book/faq/https.html

First stable release of ORTHANC was just last December though: Since the first stable release of Orthanc, version 1.1.0 was released in June. You can check out the changelog at the following location: https://bitbucket.org/sjodogne/orthanc/src/default/NEWS

I am curious as to who owns what with the “Orthanc Pro” version: Actually, there is no “commercial version” of Orthanc. All the Orthanc code is freely and publicly available courtesy of the University Hospital of Liège (Belgium). The Osimis company is built upon a FOSS business model: It provides commercial support, custom development offers, and SaaS deployments on the top of Orthanc: http://www.osimis.io/en/

Do not hesitate to get in touch with the Orthanc community if you need more information: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/orthanc-users

HTH, SĂ©bastien-


Greetings SĂ©bastien! Excellent of you to clear some things up for us, and thank you for coming by!

Plainly, we have some work (on the LibreEHR side) of getting some DICOM/PACS functionality going. It is good to see the recent progress made with Orthanc, and I hope to be able to participate in the Orthanc community, even if it is primarily involved with integration with LibreEHR. DCM4CHEE matches the LibreHealth API platform, Orthanc is more in line with LibreEHR, and with a little bit of fhir under all of them, the possibilities are numerous. My personal feeling is that operability within the EHR would sooner be achieved with Orthanc, while not prohibiting any other future integration.

I think we are going to have some great inter-project collaborations in the future, simply based on momentum. The pieces are all there, if we will just pick them up.

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Hi, I have a question. Can i implement Orthanc in a very huge hospital?

Nothing prevents you to do so: The Orthanc ecosystem is free and open-source software released under OSI-approved licences. Obviously, because GPL/AGPL licenses explicitly state that the software comes with no warranty, you would take the sole responsibility of carefully testing, scaling and securing your Orthanc server in order to deal with medical data in accord with your local legislation.

Just went to review some code for the EHR’s new LIMS integration. Seems like the guzzlehttp asset (php http client) it uses might be a good way to talk to Orthanc, or perhaps the toolkit’s radiology module.