On Boarding new contributers

We need to have a model for onboarding new contributors that helps guide them to issues / activities that are small enough to bite off. Each new, prospective, contributor should have a mentor that is primary, but all communications should be via the public forum / issues etc …

Other thoughts? Training assets, guidelines, style, etc?

Guideline #1. Call it Boarding, or Embarking, not “onboarding”. Please. After they have boarded, they are aboard, and they are embarked. Just like in an airplane or passenger liner.

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Do we need disembarking as well?

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how about just Barking


Try “Deep Sixing” in those cases. It is a better clean break, and you don’t having them coming back aboard for forgotten luggage.

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Ceasing the hijacking of the thread, and onto the subject: We need afford the contributors (note spelling in thread title) a flowchart of some sort that identifies their interests and capabilities before pointing them to project resources like coding guides and task lists.

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Perhaps a google form / questionnaire?

If they aren’t “Googlers”, then perhaps it may be better to use the tools on this site?