Note about demo servers

(Robby O'Connor) #1

Please do not change the passwords for the admin users. Doing so is not cool at all. This is not your server, it belongs to everybody.

(Toni Shortsleeve) #2

The Stable Demo has a JSON Parsing error at the Patient Finder. Some of the candidates are panicking because they can’t turn in their screenshots. Can you help, please?

(Terry Hill) #3

I fixed it. If you need me you should have Htuck or Tony e-mail me. I do not check the chat and the forum very often. I will make a permanent fix or get some one else to as soon as I can. The issue is from some one willingly breaking the finder.

(Toni Shortsleeve) #4

Thank you. I wasn’t sure where to go for this. I will ask htuck to email you next time. I am sorry that someone keeps breaking it. It is a great tool on the EHR.