No calendar main menu item on public EHR demo

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I’m curious if what I’m seeing is the desired behavior, obtained just now in both Linux Firefox 54 and Chrome 60.

I got into the demo at and the calendar menu item at far left is missing.
Without the menu item, if you close the calendar tab how does it get opened again?

Then, playing around some more I found that IF it’s set as one of the 2 default tabs, the calendar tab appears on initial login and after refreshing the display, either when saving user preferences or hitting the browser’s page reload. Problem is, when the page reloads any existing tabs the user has brought up are closed and the 2 default tabs reappear.

Thanks for any advice you may have- Harley

Harley it looks as though it was removed from the Json file. I put it back

Also you can use the support chat for these issues

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