NHANES Problem Data Changes

Not deployed to the servers yet, but I’ve made the changes in the import process to use the “Age when first diagnosed” responses in the NHANES data to set a Start Date for the problems.

Not every condition includes that data. High cholesterol, chronic kidney disease, dialysis are just a few examples. And not every survey provides a valid response.

Also many of the conditions have "do you still have " responses as well, so for those patients who responded no, I’m setting an arbitrary “End date” of 12-31-2016. Asthma in particular has a lot of responses, where the patient doesn’t have the condition anymore. The inactive problems show up when editing the full problem list, but not on the summary/demographics screen. It might be reasonable to make code changes to display resolved problems (or maybe make it toggleable) on the summary screen too.

I haven’t figured out the best process to make these changes while preserving the manual data entry Dr. Hoyt has made at present which will need to be resolved, so in the meantime, and to support sharing other forth coming changes (updates to the labs), it might make sense to setup another vhost/instance on the server.

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Thanks for the difficult mental work to figure out the best path forward. I suspect this is only a minor distraction for most informatics students so something we can put on the back burner

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