NHANES Data Updates Pending

@rhoyt A few pieces of data are missing on the current demo server, such as income,race, smoking, alcohol, tobacco.

I’ve updated my scripts to process this info and plan to provide the updates for the public server soon.

To that end, the process will be to dump and download the demo’s database, run the scripts locally on my machine, then upload and replace the database on the demo server.

Any updates that get made to the demo server between the download and uploads will be lost. So it would be best if no one creates any new content between those two steps. Alternately we could just make the system “unavailable” during that time period.

It takes a fairly long time to run all of the scripts and I’m not sure exactly how long it will take. Not sure when exactly I’ll do it yet, just wanted to provide the heads up first.


Ok. Just let us know the time window where we should not add any content to the demo

Current plan is to do this tonight, so starting 9:00PM Eastern hold off on updates until further notice tomorrow sometime.

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Got it. Should I be keeping a list of functions that don’t seem to work for the demo? For example, the patient education links don’t work and the patient portal dashboard gives a 404 error. There is not hurry, just want to know how best to approach these problems

The system has been updated.

I spot checked your manually created records, and they appear ok.

However, unintended result of my process is that the NHANES lab data is now attached to the manually encounters instead of the 12/31/2016 dated ones that were automatically created for these 10 patients.

The update includes, ranges for lab values now, additional history on the life styles tab, insurance info. Ethnicity and Income.

The best way to keep track of possible bugs/issues is to create entries on github.

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I’ll post most of them there but want to first know if I am missing something. I can’t seem to book a follow up appointment, regardless whether I use the add appointment in the summary or go to the calendar function

What happens that prevents booking the appointment?

Guessing it’s the “Provider not available, use it anyway?” message, which is confusing?

Actually, I can see a JavaScript error when trying to book follow up appointments from the demographics screen. Will try to further clarify/resolve when I get a chance.

Hmm… it looks like there are no “Facilities” setup. Not sure why.