New to Open Source Help!

Hello Everyone, I am Rahul ,Postgrad student from India. I am extremely interested in contributing to LibreHealth but I am new to open source. Can anyone help me as to where should I start from? Like how to contribute and all? The code base is so huge that it’s overwhelming and I got confused.

Thanks in Advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Rahul and welcome to LH. Basically contributions are based on your skillset and you are free to contribute to any project based on the projects scoped usually gotten with interactions with others here or on our chats.

Also which codebase are you talking about. Feel free to ask any questions around.


I am looking for python and Computer Vision Tasks. There is no beginners guide for LibreHealth that I could find so I have been a bit confused where to start from. So, I can just go to Projects topic and contribute from there?