New Grant - Digital Square Notice B Promoting the collaborative development of proposals for investments in digital health global goods

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Do you have an existing digital health solution? Do you need grant funding to support its sustained development? Does your software rank well on Digital Square’s Global Goods Maturity Model?

Apply Now for $600,000 in Grant Funding

Digital Square, a partnership of digital health organizations, is now accepting proposals for grant funding to support existing digital health software, to ensure the solutions:

  • Are free or Open Source software
  • Gain strong community support
  • Have a clear governance structure
  • Receive funding from multiple sources
  • Get deployed at significant scale
  • In use across multiple countries
  • Demonstrate their effectiveness
  • Interoperate with other digital health solutions

Digital Square will make three to six grant funding awards totaling up to $600,000. Examples of such investments include (but are not limited to):

  • Providing ongoing support for software maintenance of a digital health software tool;
  • Supporting the community and ecosystem of resources (improved documentation, tutorials, etc.) needed to facilitate the adoption and use of a digital health software tool;
  • Supporting ongoing development of features of a digital health software tool which are identified as priorities through existing robust community lead processes;
  • Supporting the establishment of an organizational home for a digital health software tool;
  • Adding new features to enable different business models which broaden the revenue base of a digital health software tool; and
  • Supporting the development of significant new functionality of a digital health software tool according to an identified and well articulated need.


Interesting grant. I assume LibreHealth would use a grant of this type for all three sub-projects? Would the steering committee initiate the paperwork?

If we are going to do something with this it needs to be right now:

  • December 20 - January 18: Concept Note Submission

Submitters post iterations of concept notes.

The Peer Review Committee, other submitters, and other stakeholders will:

  • Provide feedback, comments and suggestions
  • Identify potential areas for collaboration
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I would be happy to help but I’m not sure I have the background and tech knowledge to be of benefit. Standing by to assist