My submission as a contribution to the Outreachy Documentation Project

Hello, I would like to submit my LibreHealth EHR User Guide for consideration.

This document covers the introductory navigation of the EHR system. It is broken into 7 smaller blocks and housed on GitLab.

I hope the Documentarian will approve my submission.

It can be found at LibreHealth EHR

Thank you.

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I get a 404 when I click the link.:frowning:

I’m sorry. Does this work instead?

Or is there a way to make it public for you?

That just take me to the main project not your page. I am not that familiar with GitLab . Sorry I am no help.

I’m not as familiar either with GitLab either. Though I am willing to learn.

The final copy was done with markdown. I’m trying to transfer it back to Google Docs. A few moments, please?

Or is there another place where I should host it?

google docs should work. Did @htuck give instruction on submitting?

Not really, unless I lost it along the way.

If you don’t mind downloading, I just placed it on my personal and secure site:

as a Word Doc

and pdf

If not, please tell me how to submit?

Thank you.

Heyyyy Harley @htuck Can you help with this? I am going to read, and you know how long that takes me.

On page 15 you have You can set the Display timer for 20 to 50 minutes. That timer is in seconds. :sunglasses:

Oh, thank you. I will fix that.

Hope you don’t mind but I shared this link with the RGSoC teams that are working on the messaging changes so they can see the current flow. This is an awesome document. :sunglasses:

No, thank you! I totally appreciate it.

I have uploaded both of the updated docx and pdf documents with that correction.

Got another correction . LibreHealth EHR does not come with them pre-configured because many practices many them externally. this is on page 51under Procedures. one to many many’s ^

Great job. I did just the 15 min read but it looks Great. I am impressed.

That was my final change when I moved into GitLab. I’ll fix that.

It should read: many practices manage them externally.

Thank you. Where can I post it as a contribution so that Outreachy accepts it, and LibreHealth approves it?

Can’t answer that. @htuck will have to answer that, sorry

That’s ok. I appreciate your proofing for me. I’ve fixed that error in both the docx and pdf file and uploaded the corrections.

I agree that the instructions look very clear. Certain functionality can be supplemented by YouTube videos. Harley Tuck has created several excellent ones to date