Multi Site Login for EHR


(mua laurent) #1

Hey there gsoc has come and gone and it was a very cool experience. I want to thank LibreHealth for offering me this wonderful opportunity. And thanks to the all my mentors. I am opening this thread to discuss the way forward in implementing multi site login for EHR. After my setup process with greatly improved the the setup procedure not only with UX but also with optimisation, There is need for a multi site login for EHR, as told by @aethelwulffe

Link to PR:

This is based on the fact that EHR supports multiple installation. As a consequence i have began work on this i would like to know your thoughts

@pri2si17, @tony, @KoniKodes , @teryhill, @r0bby , @Trodrige, @naveen17797, @aethelwulffe

Currently what i have done so is displaying all valid installation sites found in the /sites directory. Here is a preview of how it looks like. You can force install to another site or login into an already existing site.

(Tony McCormick) #2

The original project had a feature like this (not as nice and not secure, so it was removed. I support a replacement.

The original detected the need to run SQL Upgrade as well, but did not ask for admin user password, which it should have. Detection was simple. There is a table called ‘version’ in the DB and there is a file called ‘version.php’ in the distribution that has a DB Version number. Not sure we need this if we move to an automated laravel migration model, however.


(mua laurent) #3

That is some other stuff too @tony i thought you once said there are not may laravel devs in ehr. I for one love the framework. And i endorse @Trodrige in this. i have had to work with him. Let me know your thought on the way forward. If not we can still stick to using raw php

(Tafang Joshua) #4

i will be happy if you could give me some insides on this project @mua_rachmann thanks.

(mua laurent) #5

@tafodinho, EHR supports installation of multiple sites in the sites directory. As a case there is need for some interface design/implementation to detect installed sites and help front end users login into the site of their choice

(Oladimeji Ajayi) #6

Hi mua,

I need to clearly understand the difference between sites and facilities in LibreHealth EHR.

Can you health with this?

Awaiting your reply.


(Terry Hill) #7

A site is a separate clinic using different data with common programs. Like you had 4 Clinics that all had different data. This would be multi site.

A facility is a different place of service with in the site. The Physician travels to different places but the data is the same data, just the place of service is different.

@mua_rachmann does this help

(Oladimeji Ajayi) #8

Hi Terry,

Thanks for you reply. It helped a bit…

To better understand, i’ll paint a quick scenario.

How do i place this? A Clinic of 5 locations where patient’s data is centralized (can be accessed at any of the clinic) but some of their services differ in relation to the others.

Is this a site or facility? Your reply…


(Terry Hill) #9

If the data is the same, run it as facility.

(Oladimeji Ajayi) #10

Thanks for your reply.

I created 2 facilities already but i noticed that for every user that i create, they are duplicated for the two facilities, how can i create users for individual facility?

Awaiting your reply pls…

(Art Eaton) #11

Sites are totally different installations and databases. Completely separate entities, managed by a vendor or the like.

  Facilities are physical locations, separate types of treatment like inpatient/outpatient/office/home/school, or a particular distinct program.  Separate Facilities are distinctive on one of three items:

Location (address)

  Location type treatment program type (called a POScode or Place of Service Code) such as Office (11), Home (6), Inpatient (22) Outpatient (21) etc...

  Location business status that says "The address associated with this facility is my primary business address, and the name is the legal entity of the address.  Use this facility data to determine Tax ID and the like".

  Now, for wanting users to only have access to one facility or another, we have to FINISH THE FAC_ACL feature.  Until then, there is no access restriction to patient data associated with any specific facility.

(Oladimeji Ajayi) #12

When will this feature be completed?

Just wanted to know if there is a deadline to this.

Thank you.

(Art Eaton) #13

As soon as someone cares to review and approve it.