Meet the community: Introduce yourself here!

Hi, my name is Maria Simonetti and I am working with a non-profit organization that aims at bringing together scientists, researchrs, students and others from various backgrounds to address the problems arising from “fear” as the main cause of some of humanity’s biggest issues, healthcare being one of them.

One of our projects is creating a global community working together to make open, collaborative health and social care solutions. We want to bring together to share stories and create new solutions in everyday needs and lifestyles. I am looking to connect with people who want or are redefining healthcare and looking at open source community-based participatory approaches. Communities helping each other and looking to connect with with you who are stepping in and up and offering change.

I am looking forward to connecting with all of you.


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Hi Im Isaiah and Im from Singapore. I like to solve rubiks cubes and im doing this as part of a school project for the google code in

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Hello Maria. Welcome aboard!

Hi Everyone. My name is Nemil Shah, a physician that is interested is reducing costs for primary care physicians in order to stay autonomous. I’m experienced with several different health record software and can help with user experience. I’m also well connected so I hope that by saving a physician 2K per month then they will contribute a % of that saving back to LibreHealth!


Here for Google Summer of Code? ntroduce yourself in the following thread:

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I am dr charles umeh , a self-motivated, proactive professional and has several goals. i aim to be a professional eHealth and telemedicine consultant and manager, a specialist in occupational health safety officer in industries to protect workers from diseases and injuries and to save lives.

i was a medical doctor and health safety officer at Parklane Hospital from 2014 to 2016. From there, I now has several voluntary roles; research associate and project manager for eHealth at Parkers establishment, child professional at Heard Initiative, global youth ambassador and English teacher at a World at School.

My professional memberships include the International Society of Telemedicine and eHealth, the International Medical Informatics Association, Canada National Institute of Health Informatics and Acfee.

I am a driven and ambitious individual and team player, I have excellent project management skills and can work closely and communicate effectively with local and international leaders in an ever-changing environment with tight deadlines. These are valuable for my experience in communicating and interfacing with customers and within organisations, a strong ability to challenge team members and be challenged to achieve team goals, and a proactive interest to increase customer satisfaction and deepen customer relationships.

I am from Nigeria, I attended Nnamdi Azikiwe University from 2008 to 2014 and Dennis Memorial Grammar School.i have a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree (2014) and a Diploma in occupational health and safety (2016).i have been accepted for an Msc in e-Health Management by Rome Business School.i speak English and igbo.

 I have skills in marketing,writing, editing, typesetting,  online research, field research, innovation ,planning, team building, project management and local knowledge.

  I currently have ideas to develop a telemedicine and eHealth mobile application that can deliver remote healthcare services to individuals in rural areas in developing countries 

.I also have idea to develop a life saving resuscitation application that can teach people how to conduct emergency life saving processes in cases of emergency …i have already prepared the concept notes for my ideas and i am only waiting for financial support and team support in order to execute them .Thanks


Hi I am Dr. Mudit Gupta, a radiology consultant based out of New Delhi, India. As a non-coder, I shall like programming help on turnkey execution of LibreHealth-based EHR/RIS/LIS. Interested parties in the near vicinity to contact, please.

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@mudit welcome to the community

Radiology module is still a work In progress … it’s difficult to respond to your question on the turnkey solution – easier to respond to a specific question for a problem you are trying to solve

Hello, everyone! My name is Nate DiNiro, and I arrived here by way of past activity with open source health IT, the OpenEMR project, having worked with @tony Mccormick at MI-Squared for almost five years as well as others. Michael @downey is also a comrade from the halls of open source and health IT. Glad to be invited and looking forward to helping move things forward.

I am presently the co-founder and VP of Marketing for an open source startup that offers a patient-centric federation layer for health data, based on a decentralized, blockchain-compatible design; “A database of you”. What that means is that patients can become the nexus of their health information, where they can meaningfully exert property and consent rights over access to digital information. It’s also 100% controlled by the patient or their designates as well as to what extent designees have access. Our primary mission has always been to create a decentralized interoperability layer that empowers the patient for purposes of improving health and improving access to data for research.


Welcome Nate! Looking forward to what you have to contribute.


Hi every one, I am venkata. I have experience in java,python and R programming (Data Analytics). I met tony Mccormick in Oshera summit held in Washington june 13-15, 2017. He presented about the librehealth opensource project then i got interested and like to work with community.


Welcome @veka … We have 3 major projects

  1. Education
  2. EHR
  3. Radiology

and a base toolkit project …Depending on your level of interest either of these would be of interest to you – Helping do analysis for the education project … or do a spring data integration for the toolkit to help data management

All in all welcome


Thank You @judywawira. Right now I am understanding different components of the project. Sure i work on spring data integration. I could not find the education project information. Can you provide me a link please.

@veka check out these two threads to see what the Education team is doing with @rhoyt

Hello everyone… :smiley: I am Chandima. I am a 3 rd year Computer Engineering undergraduate from University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. I am really excited to contribute. I am looking forward to work with you guys…:smile:


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I am the Program Assitant for Health Informatics, University of New England. We are anxious to learn how LibreHealth can be implemented in our ((online)) classrooms. We offer Masters & Grad. Certificates but presently we want to use for our CBE Bachelor’s completion program.


@rhoyt is the lead person on this.

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Thank you. Much Appreciated.

I just emailed her to provide as much information as possible