MEDETEL Open Source WG, 5-7 April

Welcome to the working group “Collaborative Care Team in Open Source”,

A working group of the ISfTeH, International Society for Telemedicine, a non profit organization with members in 94 countries.

Welcome to the MEDETEL conference on 5-7 april 2017 in Luxembourg, the yearly ISfTeH conference,

Welcome to the “Open Source Village” in the hall of this conference where 4 to 500 participants are expected, many from developing countries.

Would you like to present demos of:

( 1 ) OPENMRS version The current version operational on large scale and immediately installable as it is.

( 2 ) LIBREHEALTH TOOLKIT: What is already available and discussion about further evolutions

I would like to discuss the medical issues proposed at

  • I feel a need of evolution to a more functional model, a “Task Model” intended to solve the health problems of the patient, rather than only the current “Descriptive Models”

  • Maintenance of an up to date 'Problem Oriented Medical record" approach while access to data per consultation will remain available.

  • A “Graph Database” as a very natural way of human thinking, with focus on qualified relations between concepts, in both the patient record and the dictionary.