Mailgun won't be free anymore: should we set up our own mail server?

Mailgun will no longer offer 10,000 emails for free starting September 1st and we need a new option. I’m thinking we should set up our own server…found a script that might help make it painless complete with DKIM key provisioning, so it’d be a nice experiment to try out, does anyone have any objections?

There are not a lot of good alternatives, Mailgun was the best at the time. The only time we ever went over was during the application period for GSoC.

This is probably a good thing as we are having delivery issues to Yahoo! email addresses, we may still have issues with Rackspace, but I’m going to hope and pray that we get an IP with a clean reputation. I know the SFC uses Rackspace for their email server with success…so we’ll see.

What’s everyone’s opinion on this?

cc: @downey @sunbiz @judywawira

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I’m fine with that.


I forgot you also did ops - sorry to not include you @tony…but yeah, this won’t cost us other than another server on Rackspace, we are safe until 12/31/2021.