Linking LH-Radiology with Modalities to send MWL items and receive MPPS

I have deployed an instance of LH-Radiology in Docker for testing purposes. I’ve experimented with order creation, report generation ect. However, There is one crucial element that I’m failing to implement. How does one go about connecting the system to an X-Ray modality so that once orders are placed in LH-Rad system a worklist is generated on x-ray console? That is, AET, hostname, and Port of the MWL SCP.

It is not quite ready for showtime yet.

@judywawira @sunbiz may be able to help though.


@lehone what happened to this project? Setting up LibreHealth Radiology FHIR – Lenya Hope Nembi ( It seems you were trying to add MWL functionality through Orthanc. Out of curiosity, I tried to deploy it I failed.

It was not completed.