Licence to use in Java Class


(Prashadi) #1


When new component is created, we need to include the license to the source files. What should be the license should added for source files? I went existing projects and it contains mozilla license with openmrs copy right.

Should I use the same?

Thank you.

(Namratanehete) #2

Use Mozilla public license with copyright to developer, unless you want to give it to LibreHealth.

(Art Eaton) #3

Copyright…not copywrite, but yeah, what she said.

(Prashadi) #4

Thank you @namratanehete and @aethelwulffe

(Robby O'Connor) #5

The license we use is listed on the GSoC Website.

It is also included in toolkit and every piece of code produced:, – as well as the header of every file.