LibreHealth Portland Meetup Ongoing (PDX)

Who is in this week for the meetup. I have heard from @tony and @downey. Are there other folks here in the PNW that are able to join?

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I’m in. I could do with a bit later than our usual 1:30, since I plan on going to the Beers with Engineers Meetup after 5pm as well.

how about you @growlingflea?

I’m out. I haven’t traded the old truck in on an Lear Executive yet, so it would be a bit of a trip. You know if you guys have a site, we can schedule some meetups elsewhere…and attract more attendance. Our “Hacking For Charity” thing sort of died after about four years due to everyone becoming professionally involved or romantically involved.

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Possible. It depends on how much work I can complete this week. I will most likely be spending most the day tomorrow down at Oregon Works getting info on self-employing myself and starting the process of either becoming a sole-proprietor or an LLC.

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I’m available and could be there. @tony What time works best for you? I will be helping at the Software Freedom Conservancy booth during PyCon that evening from about 5pm, but flexible before then.

Would 2:30 pm be OK? we could meet at TILT again, if that’s acceptable. PEARL DISTRICT 1355 NW EVERETT ST. SUITE 120 PORTLAND, OR 97209


So we’re on for 2:30? On the heels of Google’s announcements around Drive, Cloud and AI, there is interesting discussion to be had… :slight_smile:


Can you guys at least tell us what kind of beer you had???

Local :slight_smile: :beer:

So is there a for libreHealth or no?

Meetup for Thurs 6/29 — I can, can you? How about the porch in front of Rogue at 1:30 (Flanders and 13th)

Looks like not enough peeps can make it today. So punt to next week.

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