LibreHealth Portland Meetup 2017-04-27

Hi @local-pdx folks … it’s time again for our (often)-weekly LibreHealth PDX meetup!

(We are going to try to start advertising them here in the forums for better visibility.)

Our standard time is 13:30 PDT tomorrow, Thursday 27 April. Location TBD. Suggest your place here and we’ll see what the prevailing consensus is :slight_smile:

:beer: :computer: :fork_knife_plate:


Hey @NateDiNiro @tony & other Portlanders … I have to bow out of this week’s meeting. Gearing up for OSCON+CLS next week in Texas, and my day got started with a major delay that has pushed everything far back.

Sorry for the last-minute notice, and for not showing up to the party! See y’all next time.

Same here. I’m swamped today

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