LibreHealth EHR User Manual pages

@r0bby can you set up a (for lack of better terminology) Wiki page or some sort of page where we can create and edit user manuals and documentation? Need to give the ability to create and edit to only certain people.

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I can look into it – but it will not be until after I get back from DEFCON. File an infra ticket – odds of me remembering aren’t that great.

Did it thanks yada yada yada

Consider using the wiki feature on either gitlab or github – probably GitHub – I’d love to see you move to GitLab but not pushing too hard. GitLab allows you to lock it to only team members – I haven’t used the GitHub one too much.

Wiki feature is what we are use to. It does not matter to me where you put it I have commitments from sources to work on it and I need to strike while the iron is hot. There will be video’s also.

How about that fancy /documentation directory we have in the LibreEHR repo?

Has it got a Wiki page?

PS…If I can figure out how to afford to keep my business IP’s, I should have a static IP and a fancy almost brand new server we can host stuff on. That is a wink-wink at robby too.

I just got to do a gig that pays enough in the next few days to be able to keep everything on, and hopefully pay for a few months ahead.

PS, github wiki…even the one attached to the EHR repo, also allows you to restrict access to team members etc…

Pass that along to HT and get him setup. Please

Use that.

We use Gitbook for documentation for toolkit and radiology – would be great if we can all be at the same location


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or this…I’m very unlikely to deploy a wiki.

so how do we become a member of the gitbook for

gitbook has changed its pricing policy, where they limit the FOSS pricing of $0 to only 5 users. I dont know if it makes sense to write to them and make an exception for us for larger number of users? @downey, @r0bby what do you both think? Another option is to use Hugo with a documentation template, like what we use for the website.

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We can remove the number of people and create generic accounts maybe?

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OR we could use read the docs.

Create a documentation repo – we can create a subdomain for you.

It needs to be easy for people who are not familiar with source control software. In some instances the people who will be contributing will not use source control software as a part of their daily lives. It needs to have a very small learning curve. Just my thoughts and I realize they are not of much value with the great resources that have been made available and timely from every one involved.

I’m not sure how to proceed here…I’m sure there’s a middle-ground somewhere. I’m not keen on adding more stuff unless there’s a need and there is no other viable solution.

The rationale behind my reluctance is that more services, which means another moving part I have to monitor/maintain – and unless we absolutely need it, I would rather not do it.

Are you certain there’s not a tool we can use currently that fits your requirements? Have you explored GitHub’s wiki? Gitlab also has a wiki as well…both of those should work and fit your needs.

@downey you have an opinion here?

Created a new category on the forums here – check it out – all posts are wiki posts by default, meaning anyone can edit them. Try that out.