LibreHealth EHR Release 1.0.1

Development on version 101 is now frozen and we are starting the official release REL_101. The current master branch will be replaced and tagged when I have finished my prep work and smoke testing.

At that time I will ask @r0bby to update the demo site and start the process to create a new site that will be the daily build of the next development branch, which we have named “gloryroad” after a favorite Robert Heinlein story about an unlikely hero.

Release work should be done by end of day Sunday the 5th.

@tony, message me on slack/rocketchat as it’s much easier to handle logistics in a realtime manner.

That is the plan, just posting general info at this point for community, thanks!

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Release code has been Tagged and pushed. @r0bby on board for updating the demo site.

Thanks to: @aethelwulffe @teryhill @ken for their contributions to this release!

The Release is completed and available on

Thanks @r0bby!


Username: admin Pass Phrase: password

It is a fresh database.

I just went to get code off of github and the default branch is “gloryroad”

Can we please go back to using “master” as the mainline development branch like the rest of the civilized world.

I see gloryroad is even with master, so maybe it was just a temp branch, that needs to be deleted, and master needs to be made default.

Master is the release branch and GloryRoad is the new development branch (per our discussions about code names).

I, personally, don’t have any problems with making master the development branch and creating a semi-locked release branch if the team prefers that and it reduces confusion with devs that don’t work with the project on a day-to-day basis.

Thoughts? @aethelwulffe @teryhill ? What does lh_tookit do for release and branching model? @downey?

I don’t care too much either way. I’m just waiting for whatever branch that is to get the pull requests restored.

The pull requests are currently against the gloryroad branch. You just have to re-request the pull or change the target branch if it’s already open.

Let’s hold for a bit more input. I’m inclined to follow the defacto standard other gitters use, despite my years of training in more formal models of release management :slight_smile:

So what are you doing on the names.

Finally got gloryroad to show up. Should I wait to try to find what goes where, restore the deleted branches and all that until you and Ken figure out how this is going down?

OK, I think everything is shifted to gloryroad. If we have to do it again with a name change, I will be prepared.

Here’s the “new” plan assuming everyone approves

  1. *MASTER branch will be the default branch - Glory Road will be the project codename for discussion and internal enjoyment
  2. I will move all pull request to the master branch.
  3. I will create a branch called: *libreehr_rel101 for the current master and that will be the branch that has the stable release

I will cherry-pick fixes determined to be critical as patches into the release branch

And … I will get robby to change the demo to read from the release branch instead of master.

OK. it’s done.

Master is now the default and should be used for all development for the upcoming Glory Road release All pull requests are now posted against the master branch libreehr_rel101 has been created from current master and protected so that only organizational admins can push to that branch.

All good here with lots of extra characters.

Are we going to do this every time there is a release?

If you mean change our minds about things… not so much I hope.

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