LibreHealth EHR Distribution

LibreEHR is approaching RELEASE! …but we have no idea where the pre-built distributions are going to live. The full XAMPP Lite stack installer for windows version packs out to something like 107 meg. The application-only versions will be a fraction of that.

What we need is a home for these. We also need a demo install, and we are looking to auto-spin those. We have no place to host that either. Oh Wise Ones of LibreHealth…any good suggestions?

Sorry @aethelwulffe, it has taken a couple of days to respond. Can you share your SSH public key? We can spawn a VM instance from our server for hosting a demosite and download location. @r0bby @downey

Send me the ssh key as a private message @aethelwulffe

I need to set up either puppet or ansible to make this easier :slight_smile:

Thank you guys. Been in a ~ 17 hour meeting/work session at this point. I will generate a fresh public to share and get it to both of you. Thanks a ton, and sorry your messages have gotten stale. I think I checked mail only twice in the last 50 hours.

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It’s ok…we’re just gtrying started

one of the other items that we have been discussing is requesting/requiring an e-mail address to download the software . Can this be done? @aethelwulffe @tony

Key is posted. I should think that Tony and Terry might want to share a key as well.

Thank you all – server will be up tonight – I think it’s time to set up some configuration management :slight_smile:HOWEVER to not hold anyone up, I’ll manually add users :slight_smile:

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Now Robby, If you would prefer to take care of this in what you consider to be a proper manner via an administrative tool, we are not in that big of a rush. The upside of waiting a short while is that you have, right here, a crop of completely tolerant first-time guinea pigs to try things out on! If it helps at all, build the cookie cutter you need, and I will wait for the gingerbread to cook.

Oink oink Oink oink oink (since it had to be 20 characters)

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You know you can also use a replygif!

Unfortunately I am GIF impaired .

Tony (McCormick) seems to be on the road today, so I don’t know when our remaining pull requests are going to merge (or the two pull requests I think we have yet to push), and the distro builds happen after we actually have an RC1 build. This may all be ready very very soon as the remaining work is trivial…provided testing is good… @teryhill I actually thought you were rather GIFted. If you are having trouble with that, you can always PiNG one of us. Just BuMP the thread. Don’t get into a TIFF.

What version of PHP is necessary?

Just do 7. If we can’t survive on that, then we need to fix things. You might want to set the error logs to real lax though. Things are still a little messy there.


FYI this is VM has 4GB of RAM, and 32GB HDD.

Should be more than fine. We run some VM’s with 1/20 (not great ones though…and swap file is encouraged)

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What do you guys need to have set up? I have a server provisioned with apache (unconfigured) and mysql and accounts for both @aethelwulffe and @tony.

Do you need me to set up VirtualHosts or do you guys want to handle it? I have sent you the details to access the server.

I imagine the exact ‘what’ is a matter that should wait for Tony to get back from his trip today. Things like the DNS/VHOST items have some obvious configuration needs, and some that we should confer on, as some of that composer/vagrant stuff might be involved…and on that, I am a total duffer/charlatan/fool (pick two). The goals: The LibreEHR demo that should probably have some apache permissions set explicitly and silent logging. Serve files for distribution packages.

I don’t think there will be any other web content, and downloads and demo face pages will be through the host sites. VHOST/DNS items are also something that we need to confer on. Pretty sure that once our team members (specifically the real sysadmins AND smart people) have come up for air, we can move quick-like. Since you gave accounts to folks on both sides of the continent, there is plenty of firepower to get this handled without further assistance. Are there any particular restrictions (aside from proper security of course) such as bandwidth limits et cetera? My key did not seem to work, but I see it is an Ubuntu server. (EDIT: which is handy)

Yes, it is an Ubuntu 16.04 server. May be @r0bby can check the issue with your authorized_keys. Even I dont have access to your VM. We have 20TB/month for all the VMs on this server. and it is on a 1Gbps connection. So I assume to is enough for our purposes? We can increase this if we need more.