LibreHealth EHR Demos updated and Stable demo deployed

I have updated the the demo server page to include the demos I have deployed.

The stable version currently has no data in it.

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@r0bby @tony @teryhill

I am headed today to New Orleans to present LibreHealth EHR on Wednesday to an AMIA audience of informatics instructors. Today I noticed that the prior demo with NHANES data is no longer active:

While I will be presenting via PowerPoint with screenshots, I still need the correct demo URL for admin access to include on one PowerPoint, please.

The URL is - I’ll make sure it’s up and working before your show. I also have new screen shots for the rest of the tools we have been working on for you.

In fact it’s working now… just needed to have the sql_upgrade run. The new reports are not past code review yet, that may take bit, but I’ll send you the screen shots for the medical search on Monday at the latest.


Thanks. I’ll upload the newest information to my slides and a copy will go to the conference app for attendees.