LibreHealth Atlas Project

Hello fellows!

I’m here to talk about a project I’m currently developing. I wish it to be integrated with LibreHealth with my help and dedication.

First of all, so far I’ve learned a lot of stuff with this project and I intend to learn more and more. I want it to be used by LibreHealth and I wish to keep contributing to it after GCI.

I’m working hard on the code in a way that makes it efficient, human-readable for everybody, easy to change and easy to add/remove features. I’m using and abusing of the Object-Orientation PHP has to offer. My experience with a big project like EHR made me think that we need to invest HARD on code readability and in some small “protocols” to follow in order to standardize a little bit the programming pattern. I want this to be one more open-source project of LibreHealth and anyone can help, of course.

The repo is this one:

I didn’t choose any License and I will let that to be a decision of LibreHealth.

The project’s source code explanation & REST API tutorials will be made public soon as a document here in this post.

Talking about the features… at the moment, there are some already implemented and some in brainstorm phase:

  • A map with markers around the world (with information in each marker)

  • A REST API which already can handle requests (like add/remove markers)

  • EHR/Toolkit/Radiology will be able to send those requests when they are setup (I wanna work on this too)

  • A dashboard area on the Atlas which can be accessed by administrators in order to manage markers and other stuff probably (brainstorming)

  • Probably an area for users to see graphs and that stuff (brainstorming)

  • An improvement to the design (it is in an early stage at the moment) - I’m not focusing on the design for now, I’m focusing on making a code for EVERYBODY to contribute and on back-end features

  • Some other secondary features that might come (like a popup with information about LibreHealth, some kind of menu, an option to change the mapstyle, that stuff that is not important for now)

My suggestion would be to have the atlas implemented in You can count with my help on implementing this and setting up the software into the servers. A link in the main page ( would redirect to this one, of course.

I think this atlas is an important piece of our “outer part”. I think this is a very nice and funny project.

This is a screenshot of the current map (full-screen mode on chrome):

(it’s in FULL HD 1920x1080, please open the screenshot in another tab or download it for better resolution)

RUNNING DEMO (including api):

Say something, let this topic be hot. :slight_smile:

(distribution variable is duplicated btw)

Here is the REST API being used with Postman. The goal is to every setup of our softwares connect to this rest api in order to add a marker into the map. (I will create a dashboard to manage them, because some of them can appear out of nowhere because of bugs)

I will improve the security as Robby told me. I will investigate how we could do this in a way that it’s impossible for anybody on the internet spam our map or something like that. Currently an API Key is used.

Currently, when making a request to the API, a marker is added automatically to the map. It’s possible to remove a marker also, using the ID.

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In api you can find information on how to use the REST API. In readme you can find more information about the project and on how to set it up.

Hello all! In conjunction to @MigDinny’s post, I’d like to share a few of my contributions.

Please take a look here:

Here are a few screenshots of my code:

(Default interface)

(On marker click)

(Viewing more information)

(Night mode)

Please share all your thoughts and comments!

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