LibreHealth adding Dr. Bob Hoyt and Hadrian Zbarcea to the Steering Committee

LibreHealth has made two new additions to the LibreHealth Steering Committee, the governance body for the community (@steering-committee). We are proud to announce that Dr. Bob Hoyt (@rhoyt) and Hadrian Zbarcea (@hzbarcea) are the latest additions. We have also removed a few inactive members. We look forward to them helping to shape our community to be sustainable now and in the future. We have also chosen to remove some inactive members, which will not be part of this announcement. We have included a brief bio of both @rhoyt and @hzbarcea.

Dr. Bob Hoyt Bio


Dr. Hoyt is an Internal Medicine physician who has taught Health Informatics for the past 15 years. He is also the editor and lead author of Health Informatics: Practical Guide, now in its seventh edition. One of his goals is to enhance LibreHealth EHR so it can be used for EHR training, clinical education, analytics, and research.

Hadrian Zbarcea Bio


His passion is leveraging open source technologies to build services that streamline access to essential and relevant data, maximizing operational efficiencies and connecting companies with their target audiences. He works hard to ensure that an organization has the right technical tools and social structure to deliver. Having been involved in several major Apache projects and many other commercial ones, He has both the technical expertise and industry recognition to lead (open source) projects in the cloud computing and integration fields.


Many thanks to the community for the vote of confidence and congrats to Dr Hoyt as well.

I am looking forward to knowing all of you personally. LibreHealth has a great pedigree and I have my own ideas about how to grow adoption. During the next weeks my goal is to learn from you about what strengths you believe are more likely to be impactful in the industry. I will also share a bit about my work around healthcare standards at OMG and soon a plan should emerge.

Please feel free to reach out to me, I’d be happy to answer your question. I will certainly do the same, especially since I learned that I may share more interests that open source with some of you :).

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Happy to have you aboard! I notified the SFC to update their records :slight_smile: It’s always great to bring in new people who can help us to create a sustainable community that will be around for years to come.