Libre Health EHR Deployment and Licensing

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I would like to get some clarifications on the use and deployment of Libre Health EHR. I am quite aware that LibreHealth is licensed under the Open Source License which makes it free for use, deployment and or upgrade/updates where available.

I would like to deploy it for a 10-Hour/day Primary Care Clinic in Nigeria for real-time operation purposes. I want to be sure this is acceptable and does not go against LibreHealth rules. If no, to what extent can this application be used/deployed.

Kindly guide me properly. Awaiting your updates.

Thank you.

You can deploy it however you like – there no limitations on use and we do not charge for it. That’s where we’re different than the commercial EHR solutions. You should, however, deploy it in a manner that protections patient information.

Note however that we have three projects under our umbrella: LibreHealth Toolkit, LibreHealth EHR, and LibreHealth Radiology.

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Thanks Robby,

Yes i have checked out other apps as well. I have a Lot of Questions on them as well but i will raise a different topic for that.

Kindly advise on how i can handle upgrades, bugs, fixes, etc.

An integral part of the plan to deploy this application is for the following purposes: a) Run a real-time test/deployment in this environment/community and see how the hard work has been productive (Africa/Nigeria) b) Watch out for areas requiring improvement/fixes. c) Raise some funding that will further development of this project and more d) Create problem scenarios and get resolutions thus contributing in documentations where necessary.

I am happy that i am granted permission for deployment.

I will put you in copy of progress/plans.