LibraHealth: Website Redesign

Dear Maintainers,

I’m Pritam, a new member of your community, and I propose a website redesign to elevate our online presence. Currently site looks outdated to modern design, i would like to redesign and make the site , if you allow.

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Hi @notpritam are you familiar with Go or Hugo? The website was built using that and bootstrap? Also any wireframes ?

Hello Sir, sorry for late response, If possible we can change the stack, we can use NextJS or ReactJS with Tailwind or any which you prefer. I have both design and development knowledge so I will be helpful in both.

I am not familiar with Go or Hugo but I can learn it ASAP…

Let me know if you are interested in redesign, i will send you some references for design to choose from, and let me know the schemas and which section you want on the page, so i can work on the wireframe of the site…

and thanks for responding…

Hugo is just a static website. All of our content is markown.

Our website repository contains no Go code whatsoever.

However if you were hoping for this as a GSoC project, that’s unlikely to happen.