LH Google Code-in with FOSSASIA

Hi all! Given the timing of GCI and our relatively small-ish number of available mentors and tasks, I was able to secure space for us to participate in Google Code-In through the FOSSASIA umbrella organization! :trophy:

They have set up a staged web site for GCI at https://gci16.fossasia.org/ which will soon become active once the official list of participating organizations are announced on Monday. We will still need to list out all our tasks which will be separately tagged, and we’ll need to make sure the right mentors are registered in the system.

We will include a statement about participation in GCI in our press release as well. Of note, students participating will be from all geographies, not just Asia, and FOSSASIA itself is a global organization despite its name. :globe_with_meridians:

A huge thanks to Mario & Hong-Phuc in helping us make this a realistic reality this year given our aggressive timeline. :slight_smile:


Are the tasks to be defined in their website, the one you listed? or are they supposed to be in gitlab issues only?

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The canonical task listing will be in the GCI web site. I am not sure exactly what details will be on the FOSSASIA web site, but we’ll find out.

I think they will also have a specific communication channel for GCI.

The official start date for students is November 28 so we must have most tasks ready by then.


I’ll definitely help mentor – I love GCI a bit too much.


Thanks all for making this happen …

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