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(Michael Downey) #1

FYI, I have started a GitHub repo for the launch day web site:

It’s just a placeholder page for now, but the results can be accessed at

Let’s use this topic to discuss what kind of content we want on the web page. It can be pretty simple to start, but I think needs at least:

  • Values/Mission/Vision statement
  • Link to launch announcement & FAQ
  • Basic description of LibreHealth EMR product
  • Download link for beta LibreHealth EMR build
  • Names/bios of initial steering committee
  • Links to this forum and
  • Links to Twitter, GitHub, GitLab(?) etc.

What else should be there?

(Mayank Sharma) #2

I think we can summarize the mission and introduction to LH via a cool video!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Saptarshi Purkayastha) #3

I think those are all of the things I can think now. May be we should have a demo running of the beta?

(Michael Downey) #4

This would be OK, or maybe alternative a video overview as @maany mentioned.

I would still like to investigate using something like a demo platform where people could try it out in their own Sandbox environment. Or maybe a Docker container (@r0bby?) that people could easily deploy to Heroku or something. Thoughts?

(Robby O'Connor) #5

I’ve actually yet to figure out how to deploy a docker container to Heroku…but willing to learn :slight_smile:

(Michael Downey) #6

I was reminded of this from the Rocket Chat install IIRC.

(Saptarshi Purkayastha) #7 is pretty cool. What do we need to do to make such a demo possible?

(Michael Downey) #8

See and associated docs on that site.

(Barry Levine) #9

Perhaps, we should add a Get Involved tab on the home page. I agree, a demo running of the beta in sandbox would be good. Also, include links to a wiki used to describe the technology stack, etc. A lesson I learned the hard way is it’s extremely important the launch is strong and everything works well.

(Art Eaton) #10

I would like to note that there is no link to the forums from the main site right now (that I can see), and that the “sign in with GITHub” feature doesn’t work unless you are already signed in via some other method…because the user credentials are at the bottom of window that has hidden overflow, and is not resizable!

(Tony McCormick) #11

So … @aethelwulffe do you mean the mainsite or the main site? Either way, work is needed I am sure… :wink:

(Art Eaton) #12

LibreHealth, but no, I am not so sure about the LEHR bit either. I just figured it should be SOMEWHERE!

(Michael Downey) #13

We’ve been holding off on switching on the main site until the nonprofit stuff is finished up, which should be Real Soon Now :wink: and then we can move forward the the previous plans for communication including the web site.

As a reminder, we want to contain:

  • Community governance info
    • LSC information
    • Process for project proposals & incubation & graduation
  • Current sub-projects & incubation projects, & teams, which at launch should include:
    • LibreHealth Toolkit
    • LibreHealth Radiology
    • LibreHealth EMR / LibreEHR
    • Documentation Team
    • Diversity & Inclusion Team
    • Others TBD based on status & process in conversations with the existing projects underway (?)
  • Get involved, contact & donation info

(Michael Downey) #14

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