Laravel for new modules and stand-alone EHR tools

I’m opening this topic for discussion on ‘moving’ EHR code to Laravel framework. This process should be done gradually by building new modules (LIMS) and external tools (form generator, report generator,) with the framework. @pri2si17 started work on this and is well placed to help others (ME). I want to get your thoughts.

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Well moving whole code is a big task and is not feasible at a time, but having this done module wise can be a great approach. Also these modules(report generator and form generator) can be interacted via api, and writing apis in laravel is also very easy. I would say to first develop a functional standalone module, and then make api for it. This was my view, would like to know of others.

Attacking the move to Laravel by Making the modules base on it is a sound approach to me. This will allow the frame work to be brought on in small steps and will cause less issues with the old code and old guy’s :sunglasses:

@pri2si17 I’ll have to rewrite my proposal in order to use Laravel. First I have to understand how you went about your GSoC17 project. Can I build on it? :thinking:

Yeah… sure. :+1: :slight_smile:

@pri2si17 where can I find the work you did?

Hi @Trodrige, It is one of the PR.

Also you can find these two links helpful where I had chat with @teryhill @aethelwulffe @tony

@pri2si17 where did your work end? Was it finally pushed to EHR_Contribs repo? I’ve looked at what you did with Laravel, mostly database models, factories and seeding.

From my observation I think you were trying to create a base Laravel EHR project that other things (modules) can be built on. I will pull that branch, and study it then see how I can build on your work. Using the database that is created upon Laravel installation. This way I wouldn’t have to do all those things again.

Now considering that we want the report generator to be stand alone, do you think we’ll have some issues if we go this way? I strongly believe that Laravel will make things easier for us here.

Hi @Trodrige. My work was not pushed to EHR_Contribs repo, but I think you can work on that branch taking as base. Yeah I think laravel will make your journey easier. Proceed ahead. :slight_smile: and do ask if any query. I may not reply on time, but will reply for sure in 10 hrs. Sorry for that.

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