Invitation to OpenMRS Update meeting following AMIA in Chicago

There will be an open update meeting for OpenMRS folks attending the AMIA meeting in Chicago November 16-17, 2016. The meeting details are here: including a link to the agenda. There will be dialin information. All are welcome.


Did anybody attend this?

I spoke to Sunny and Judy at AMIA and they said they thought they might attend remotely. but I don’t remember anyone from LibreHealth on the dial-in for either day.

I didn’t commit to remote participation as i am working all day during the call

No worries, Judy. We missed you but had a productive meeting. We did chat about Librehealth and want to affirm OpenMRS’ pleasure at seeing the community of like-minded organizations growing. LibreHealth’s vision certainly aligns with the OpenMRS vision and the more people we have working towards that vision the better.

We recognize that the OpenMRS-LibreHealth relationship is still evolving. However, we wanted to be clear that we want to reach out to anyone within either community that would like to discuss that relationship and how we can most positively work together to achieve our shared vision.

Stay tuned, but I would encourage anyone who wishes to, to reach out to me or others in the OpenMRS community with ideas.


@akanter, We can share code – so any improvements we make, you can use, and any improvements you make, we can use. We’re licensed in the exact same way, so you are free to use any code so long as it’s properly attributed.

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