Introducing Daily Scrum Meetings

Hi all,

At radiology we started doing daily scrum meetings where we come together on the radiology channel for 15 minutes and share project updates with the rest of the team. We had our first scrum meeting yesterday. We will be having the second one today. This scrum meeting is happening in #radiology but if other teams are interested in participating, we can move this meeting to either #general or #dev.

Scrum participation is optional. It’s only required for my team at radiology since they are students under my supervision it’s part of their training.

Here is a doc I created for this

I borrowed that from the openmrs wiki then did some minor changes.

Let me know what you think.

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I think it’s a good thing. I’m in!!!

Concerning the running of Daily Scrum, I think we should prepare what we have to present before time so that we don’t take up much time since it is suppose to be for 15minutes

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