Installation of Libre health Radiology

I’m trying to install the Libre Health by using the following links Home · Wiki · LibreHealth / LibreHealth Radiology / lh-radiology · GitLab. I’ve followed all the steps they’ve mentioned and I’m getting the below errors, I’ve tried both local setup and maven setup. Please find the below attached images for the errors I’m facing.

It seems like you are missing an installation of git. Please install git for windows and try again. You can also try the docker for lh-radiology, as that is simpler to deploy and comes with everything including the orthanc PACS bundled.

@sunbiz can you please provide link for the docker for lh-radiology.

@sunbiz after installing the git I’ve tried the same. Again I’m getting the issue.

Even I’ve tried the docker for lh-radiology, but still no luck. I’m getting the same error!