Installation of latest version of EHR hangs

Hi, I just installed the latest version of Libre Health EHR. All my installation step were successful except towards the end i get the following:

"LibreHealth EHR Setup

Congratulations! LibreHealth EHR is now installed.

Access controls (php-GACL) are installed for fine-grained security, and can be administered in LibreHealth EHR's admin->acl menu.
Reviewing "

The installation just sit there for a long period. What should I do?

It is not hung, it’s done installing.

Hi Robby,

Thank you so much, I reinstalled and this time it worked. Only problem i see is that the software is very buggy. I got popups and lists giving shaky displays. I mean they are shaking (like vibrating).

Decided to drop the software for the moment and focus on OpenEMR instead.

It’s not ready for showtime yet. We’re porting it to Laravel, well @muarachmann is.

Good to hear that. I am not a real fan of Laravel though. Its terribly overloaded with other third-party components. Laravel is not a true framework and is heavy on implementation.

I would recommend Codeigniter. Much simpler both in implementation and development. I know many will say is dying but I assure you that is a hype created by idiots. CI3 is still running strong because it core PHP, MYSQL based.

Thank you for the update.

Hi @murugappan and welcome to LH, while you may have your reasons for using one tech stack over the other, we are a community and also we do not only use PHP. You can use what ever you like or contribute to what ever project you wish but please do not try to discourage others from going into a particular direction because you are not a “fan of it”.

Regards - Mua

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Hi @muarachmann , I appreciate your advise and, by no means, i am discouraging anyone. I did say its “Good to hear that.” which mean its good that it is moving to a Framework based application.

If you notice, the first part is the reason for my not leaning towards Laravel. The second part is my suggestion to look into codeigniter version. Now comes the third part regarding “idiots” and i will stand by it. Its not discouraging laravel people but rather encouraging codeigniter people not to give up. I already received feedback from our Tech Forum that they may look at OpenEMR too, if this was your direction. Initially we felt the UI was great and user friendly but with this direction we have to reconsider. The main reason is, the users are medical people not techies and the techies could do with lesser complication and a simpler framework

I think you should read my post objectively from a point of a business solution developer who have go through long learning curves (and unproductive time) with a framework just to get use a business application which in itself may also require another learning curve.

I will not apologize but will refrain from such feedback. Thank you.

Thanks for your feedback. Noted and we are currently working on the next version. Should you choose to switch, you are always welcomed.