Installation issue

Hi everybody. I need help

I am trying to install LibreHealth, but I get the following message

Required MARIADB version less than 10.5.0 AND found version is : 10.5.19

What can I do? Thanks for your answers

How did you install this? Where did you get it?

This was not installed using anything that we provided. You will need to ask for support from wherever you downloaded it from.

I searched our code and found no strings remotely close to that.

The only official place to get our code is from GitHub and GitLab. We cannot support other distribution platforms that aren’t controlled by us.

Hello everyone

I followed the installation instructions of LibreHealth using docker until the end and when I connect to the dashboard, I see instead error messages saying that the patient_data table is missing in the database.

Is there a specific command to recreate the database with all its tables or a way to solve this problem?

ERROR: query failed: SELECT, pnotes.user,, pnotes.title,, pnotes.message_status, IF( = 0 OR pnotes.user !=,users.fname,patient_data.fname) as users_fname, IF( = 0 OR pnotes.user !=,users.lname,patient_data.lname) as users_lname, patient_data.fname as patient_data_fname, patient_data.lname as patient_data_lname FROM ((pnotes LEFT JOIN users ON pnotes.user = users.username) LEFT JOIN patient_data ON = WHERE pnotes.message_status != 'Done' AND pnotes.activity = 1 AND pnotes.deleted != '1' AND pnotes.assigned_to = ?

Error: Table 'libreehr.patient_data' doesn't exist

/var/www/html/library/ at 82:sqlStatement
/var/www/html/interface/main/tabs/templates/user_data_template.php at 8:getPnotesByUser(1,,admin,1)
/var/www/html/interface/main/tabs/main.php at 78:require_once(/var/www/html/interface/main/tabs/templates/user_data_template.php)