Install Wizard of lh-toolkit on PostgreSQL 9.4

Hello, Should the MY SQL be uninstalled before running the lh0-toolkit using IntellijIDE or is there a way to open it while MY SQL is on the system. If so what should be the root password to be used because I didn’t give any root password while installing PostgreSQL

No, it should be installed and running.

Look at the video below. It says it gave you an option to set the superuser. Its called postgres and not root in PostgreSQL.

The SQL server is running with the postgres password but the root password request in the openmrs is not taking in the PostgreSQL password.

Have you put the correct URL for the connection to postgresql in the install wizard? And are you using postgres as the username, instead of root??

I chose the advanced installation where I changed the username but I think I am not able to define the database connection, which by default is jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/openmrs?autoReconnect=true&sessionVariables=default_storage_engine=InnoDB&useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=UTF-8.

This is mysql. You need to change this to postgresql url. See how jdbc connections should be for postgres


I used the following url but it still failed to connect to the database and also should I use the option to update database driver too.

Yes you need to change to org.postgresql.Driver

I downloaded the jar file of the postgresql server and added the postgresql.jre6.jar file using the libraries from project structure option in Intellij IDEA but the project doesn’t seem to identify the jar file.

You dont need to download any jar. lh-toolkit already has the postgres driver. You just need to use that in the installation wizard

postgres doesn’t use those sessionVariables. Just use jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/@DBNAME@

While trying to solve the last error, I am getting the following error where the installation wizard is not able to update to the latest database version

did you change the code in these liquibase changesets. If yes, you will have to update the checksum in each changeset with the values that are shown in the error. So you will add a new validchecksum tag with the one shown in now: xxx So see similar done in following -

I am getting a duplicate key value violation under the pk_concept_class constraint. Where can I change the constraint or remove such that it accepts the duplicate key.

I think you will have do modify the sequence for concept_class_concept_class_id. See modifySQL tag in the same file for examples