I need help understanding Radiology Terminology regarding Users

Hi, I’ve created a Radiology User Guide based on the Demo.

Now I am looking at creating the Radiology Developer’s Guide based on the GitBook User Stories: https://legacy.gitbook.com/book/librehealth/radiology-user-stories/details

  • One issue that I am having is with the User Titles and Privileges. In the User Guide, based on the Roles from Super User admin in the demo - Data Entry and Scheduler go to 2 different screens.

In the Dev User Stories, they are both Technologists. And they are not separated by Roles.

  • In the User Guide, based on the Demo, the Referring Physician is the one ordering the procedure.

In the Dev User Stories, it is the Ordering Physician and (one time) Referring Physician who orders the procedure.

At one point in the Dev User Stories, the Nurse Practitioner is the Clinical Nurse, at another section it is the Clinical Nurse Practitioner who has trained as a Technologist and may also order the procedure.

Also, in the Dev User Stories, Residents and Radiologists seem to mean the same thing.

In my EHR Doc, it was the Primary Provider who was the Referring Physician. But it seems as if the in the Radiology Department, that Physician is the one doing the actual Ordering of the procedures.

Also, The Dev User Stories Radiologist and Technologist sections were about the RIS. Now I am in the Clinical Nurse Practitioner section and it is the first mention of the Ordering Procedure System. Yet the Dev requirements are similar to those seen in the first two chapter.

  • Is the Ordering Procedure System inside the RIS just as the Viewer is?

My internship ends shortly, and I would really love to have these two documents completed before then.

Any help is greatly appreciated.