Hosting providers post-Rackspace

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Sure, but they charge for their services, right?

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I want automation. This is my hard requirement.

I promised to share my current costs with Google Cloud Platform. This is September

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That’s not bad. We’re currently okay with Rackspace, they apparently are letting us stay put, but I feel REALLY uncomfortable staying.

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Ok, now that we know that has the steering committee determined an annual or monthly hosting charge for universities?

We have not yet discussed that yet.

We have discussed it many times, but so far no conclusions and no votes to move forward.

If LibreHealth can’t do it as a community project I will. $150/m per database. Semester length contracts.

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This is something that can be done by the community, any costs will be offset by the payments.

That should be about $600/semester which is fair but I am concerned that this may be about the same as the commercial sites. I still wonder about a partner who would cover the hosting fees. The downside would be that we don’t want to give up control.

I thought I would run the $600/semester by my instructor friend at LSSC and here is her response:

Hmm. Is the $150/month per site regardless of number of users? AHIMA sells a direct student access code that I think is about $85 per Student and good for 6 mos. Their lab comes with EHR, two common encode/groupers, statistical package, inpatient and outpatient de-identified medical records, EMPI clean-up software, release of info software, and other features. The site license, though for up to 44 users was about 1200.00 per year.

I can’t see us charging per user…just a simple flat per month. I don’t wanna nickel and dime them.

Further feedback from the same instructor:

I have updated information on the student subscription cost. They’ve changed their model since last time I looked into it. Students now purchase a 365 day access code. I’ve attached the options. Note the $85 per year is for just the coding part of the VLab and the $100-$110 per year, per student is for the full lab, including the coding/grouping modules. More information on the features of the vlab are:

I don’t see any per user fees being necessary, either. We are not just offering to “host” that can be done by anyone, it’s host, manage the services, reset the database between classes, etc.

If we can do it cheaper at the community level, then that’s cool too. That was just my offer as a commercial vendor of hosting services

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It’s very helpful to just have some ballpark figures for comparison purposes. Frankly, I don’t know what a reasonable hosting fee is. Is anyone opposed to me contacting the publisher Pearson to see if there is any interest in them paying for an instance they can use or trying to collaborate in some other fashion?

No objections. I think I can be onboard with $100-150/mo with semester-long contract. No per-user limits will be imposed. I think the community can offer this service – it also helps to get us money/revenue.

No objections from me either

My customers pay between $300 / $600 for hosting and support depending on what services they want. Just so you know.

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