Hosting providers post-Rackspace


(Robby O'Connor) #22

I’m looking for fully automated system setup. I want to be able to create/destroy servers with zero work on my part and have them provisioned as soon as they are available.

(Saptarshi Purkayastha) #23

I am not opposed. Though, we should still host the PACS (orthanc and dcm4chee) on a separate instance from the radiology module.

(Robby O'Connor) #24

Okay – so merge radiology and toolkit server together; this can mostly be done via CI…instead of, use and we’re good.

PACS server can stay as it is for now. No changes will be made yet – I’ll skim this thread when the time comes and take notes.

(Michael Downey) #25

@r0bby Would it be helpful to start an etherpad list of the desired list of hardware/hosts that would be needed at the new provider? That’d make it easy to check pricing against the full “current demand”…

(Robby O'Connor) #26

it would – any word of the GCP program for FLOSS projects? I’m kinda hoping for that to pan out.

(Michael Downey) #27

Expect more on Google at the time of Mentor Summit…

(Robby O'Connor) #28

I can’t wait.

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(Michael Downey) #29

Of note …

(Tony McCormick) #30

Sure, but they charge for their services, right?

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(Robby O'Connor) #31

I want automation. This is my hard requirement.

(Tony McCormick) #32

I promised to share my current costs with Google Cloud Platform. This is September

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(Robby O'Connor) #33

That’s not bad. We’re currently okay with Rackspace, they apparently are letting us stay put, but I feel REALLY uncomfortable staying.

(Robby O'Connor) #34

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(Bob Hoyt) #36

Ok, now that we know that has the steering committee determined an annual or monthly hosting charge for universities?

(Robby O'Connor) #37

We have not yet discussed that yet.

(Tony McCormick) #38

We have discussed it many times, but so far no conclusions and no votes to move forward.

If LibreHealth can’t do it as a community project I will. $150/m per database. Semester length contracts.

(Robby O'Connor) #39

This is something that can be done by the community, any costs will be offset by the payments.

(Bob Hoyt) #40

That should be about $600/semester which is fair but I am concerned that this may be about the same as the commercial sites. I still wonder about a partner who would cover the hosting fees. The downside would be that we don’t want to give up control.

(Bob Hoyt) #41

I thought I would run the $600/semester by my instructor friend at LSSC and here is her response:

Hmm. Is the $150/month per site regardless of number of users? AHIMA sells a direct student access code that I think is about $85 per Student and good for 6 mos. Their lab comes with EHR, two common encode/groupers, statistical package, inpatient and outpatient de-identified medical records, EMPI clean-up software, release of info software, and other features. The site license, though for up to 44 users was about 1200.00 per year.

(Robby O'Connor) #42

I can’t see us charging per user…just a simple flat per month. I don’t wanna nickel and dime them.