Help with a personal issue -- looking for Wordpress developer

Hello folks esp @aethelwulffe and the EHR / php experts

I am looking for someone to help with Wordpress site customization / build … any suggestions ?

Cc @yehster

Content, sure, I can help there. Wordpress configuration; -not so much. I have had the displeasure of attempting to help folks get something done with Wordpress several times. In each case the end result was that it was easier and better to just code the stuff that they actually needed vs. learn the wordpress mindset. The one case (for the “administration by committee” doomed it to failure, and one day the website displayed nothing but a Guy Fawkes mask. Kinda turned me off of ever trying harder with that platform. Sooo sorry.

Does this mean you can create a general site but will not be wordpress based… Can we move this conversation kinda 'offline ’ not to spam the list and whats a good way to contact you - DM?

Hi Judy. Sending you a pm with contacts.