Governance draft: Please review

I am proposing a streamlined governance model based on the Xen Project. Such a model will allow for us to grow to support multiple projects within the community, e.g., Toolkit, EMR, Radiology, Mobile, etc. Each project will be able to self-manage, but will be accountable to behave in certain ways and with certain standards of communication.

Please review it here and provide pull requests with suggestions, or comments here in this topic.

In the spirit of the proposed governance model, please also reply with your vote when you are ready:

  • +1 : a positive vote
  • 0 : abstain, have no opinion
  • -1 : a negative vote

A negative vote should include an alternative proposal or a detailed explanation of the reasons for the negative vote. We should then try to gather consensus on an alternative proposal that resolves the issue.

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+1 :thumbsup:

+1 :+1: - also added some changes in a new commit. Sorry, I thought this would be done as a pull request, but the gitlab editor didn’t ask for a different branch and PR, instead did a commit directly. Something to learn about gitlab’s text editor

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I gave a :thumbsup: to your commit since there was no PR. :slight_smile: