Google Season of Docs announced

Google has announced a program called Google Season of Docs. I have known about this program since the GSoC Mentor Summit back in October. This is like Google Summer of Code, but focused on technical writing and documentation.

Spend three months working closely with an open source community. Bring your technical writing expertise to the project’s documentation. Learn about open source and new technologies. Add more skills to your resume.

Important dates from the official Program Timeline:

  • April 2, 2019 at 20:00 UTC - April 23, 2019 at 20:00 UTC: Mentoring Organizations can submit applications
  • April 30, 2019 at 12:00 UTC: Google publishes the list of accepted mentoring organizations
  • May 29, 2019 at 18:00 UTC - June 28, 2019 at 18:00 UTC: Technical Writers application period
  • July 30, 2019 at 18:00 UTC - Google announces the accepted technical writer projects

You can see the complete timeline here.

They published an Organization Admin Guide and a Mentor guide.

Are you a technical writer interested? This is your guide

Do we want to apply? @KoniKodes would you like to take the lead on this? :slight_smile:

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Good to see they’re finally stepping up on tech writing level.

Will this be similar to the Toolkit Outreachy project? What will be different?

No decisions have been made, we have to be accepted into the program first.

So we apply and then think about what we want?

I’d really like to see the Radiology Dev Guide and User Guide I tried to work on become real. But we’d need strong Radiology logic guidance.

That sounds great. We do need to think of ideas now – so this is a good start.

@KoniKodes I will be here for radiology and would appreciate the help

And would be a fantastic leadership opportunity for you –


I will be helping @KoniKodes but this is her show (if she wants it). Only thing i ask is that the same policies of favoring public communication be carried over to this program if we get accepted.

I would love the opportunity to work with you …

This looks like an interesting program, I’m really eager to see how it plays out. We gotta figure out how to not interfere with Outreachy though.

I am looking at a move coming up in the next few weeks. It depends on the direction my husband’s career takes as to whether it is an hour away or back to the islands.

How much time would I need to commit to this? I’m already having to pace myself with the two Outreachy projects…

Well, the next step would be to prepare our application for the program starting April 2nd at 20;00 UTC until April 23 at 20:00 UTC. It doesn’t matter when our application gets in – just that it gets in.

Then if accepted – just field questions from potential technical writers. If you get overwhelmed, that’s why there are backups :slight_smile: . These programs more or less run themselves once they get started. You just have to ensure that the mentors and technical writers are on-track and mitigate things that might be going on. If you want – I can allow you to shadow me for GSoC and see how I do it, it’s run very similar.

I learned a lot from you during GSOC 2018. I lost weight before my t-shirt arrived, and now it’s too big :blush:

Who would our mentors be? I see Dr. Judy, and I assume myself for Documentation Grammar, but what about the tech stuff?

I didn’t really do much in GSoC 2018 – at least not officially.

I would ideally like a technical writer like yourself and someone who can act as the technical mentor with domain knowledge. That covers the two mentors per project. Ideally it’d be someone from the project we’re writing docs for.

@r0bby I appreciate the opportunity and kind words, however, my husband has stated his preference that I only work with one mentoring group at a time. He wants me to either be paid for most of my time, or return to my original pursuit of Full Stack Dev cert (Finish my React and D3 projects) so I can make money.

My loyalty does lie with Outreachy, as that internship paid me, has less strict rules for qualifying, and has brought awesome intern mates to work with me for LibreHealth.

I am still attempting to find funding for both of the Outreachy Toolkit and EHR Projects.

@judywawira One of our current Outreachy Toolkit applicants has already begun to explore the Radiology Module and has one approved Merge Request as well as an approved Issue Report for the module. If this is approved, that intern may be the one who will need your guidance on Radiology.

@KoniKodes understood :slight_smile:

Thank you. It was a difficult decision :blush: