Google Code-in has been cancelled, 2019 was the last

I would like to pass on to the community that Google Code-in 2019 was the LAST, will include Stephanie’s email below:

Google Code-in concluded 10 amazing, productive, exhilarating years in January. This program has been a success because of the amazing energy and passion all of you have exhibited; volunteering dozens, hundreds, and in some cases, thousands(!) of hours to help 14,700+ teenagers, from 115+ countries, complete a whopping 76,200+ open source tasks, during the past 10 years!

We wanted all of you to be among the first to know that Google Code-in 2019 was our final Google Code-in contest. We’ve been looking hard at our portfolio of programs and as open source evolves, our programs need to evolve too. We’ve decided to focus our efforts on Google Summer of Code and programs like Season of Docs that meet projects’ sustainability needs going into the next 10 years of open source.

We want to thank you all for being inspiring role models to these students. Many of you were GCI or GSoC students yourselves and have been paying it forward for years by helping teenagers discover their passion for open source software development. The extent of your support was something many didn’t expect when they first started out trying to complete a few tasks to earn a Google T-shirt.

You have welcomed students into your communities and shown them how open source is making the world a better place and how they can be a part of that. You all have inspired, taught, listened, and made a difference in the lives of thousands of students. THANK YOU! These students have brought fresh new perspectives and ideas into your communities, inspiring long-term committers with their enthusiasm, curiosity and skills.

Many of you have been mentors for all 10 years of GCI (plus GHOP!), while others came into the GCI family just this past year. Regardless of when you joined, thank you all for showing immense kindness, patience, dedication, organization and guidance to the students, the other mentors in our GCI community, and to me and the rest of our team over the years.

These past 10 years of Google Code-in have been an exciting, adrenaline pumping adventure – thanks for coming along on the ride with us!

We will continue to be dedicated to helping open source communities be sustainable and finding new contributors is an essential part of those efforts. While Google Code-in is now officially retired, we look forward to finding new ways to support your communities.


Stephanie Taylor

GCI Program Lead

But GSoC is still on, right?

GSoC and GCI are different. GCI was hit or miss on whether or not it was useful for the community. I do look at it from a different point of view, I use it for teaching the kids, and if we get something useful, great…if we don’t…oh well.

GCI was cool. It was a great experience for me.

But also stressful. Even if it did run, LibreHealth we would have sat out likely.