Google Code-in 2017 by the numbers

We had 720 tasks completed, with 411 tasks being beginner tasks. We had a total of 896 students work with LibreHealth. Will post what the top 10 looks like after finalists are announced.

It was great working with all the students and mentors! Selecting finalists is not going to be an easy task for us!


That is Outrageous! …

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What does this mean?

Translation: WOW! With extra characters for minimum post.

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The top 10 was as follows:

Display Name Task Count
nulxis (Grand Prize) 24
Mateusz Grzonka (Grand Prize) 24
MigDinny 19
Rohan25 18
Vishwas Adiga 15
Adrien Zier 12
Abhishek AB 11
Shaurya Nathan 10
Aaron Elson Phangestu 10
Ajey Prasand 8

The top 5 are bold-faced.

The average number of tasks completed within the top 10: 15.1.

We evaluated finalists on the quality of their work. Exclusion from the top 5 doesn’t mean we did not think you did superb work.


Great job, everybody! Congratulations to the winners and finalists!