Getting Started With Librehealth

Hi Everyone,

I’m a newbie for Librehelath. I’m familiar with Java and Python. I done my outreachy at cadasta foundation. I’m bit confuse where to start. If anyone has good pointers where I can fix issues. It would be very helpful.

Looking for your replies.


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Hi, @prashadi welcome to LibreHealth. With knowledge in Java you’ll be an asset for the Radiology project. The repository can be found here: You’ll find interesting issues there.

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Thank you. I will look at it.

Thanks @Trodrige. I’ve been MIA a while and was hoping a more active member will respond. @prashadi welcome to LibreHealth. Like @Trodrige said with your Java skills you can join the radiology project. I’ve not been around a while but I think we’re in the middle of a release. Here is the project website You can join the radiology chat here and introduce yourself. I will normally have to create an issue for you but I’m a little preoccupied with something else. Hopefully @judywawira will help you until I’m available.

Welcome @prashadi

Please join our chat on and lets get you working on a beginner task and also get to know you better


I wanted to contribute the organization in front-end development and I have skills in Google Development Products, example- Google Firebase, Angular, Ionic Framework and machine learning.

How can I contribute the organization please guide.

Would be a good place to start unless you are familiar with PHP.

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